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Friday, December 4, 2009

City Finally Gets Off the Dime and Proposes Incentives to Attract Tesla to Long Beach

The Press Telegram just broke the news that the City Council will be asked on Tuesday to approve a package of tax incentives to lure Tesla Motors to property owned by Boeing Company.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

I am glad that after all the pushing and prodding to get the City actively involved in recruiting jobs to the Boeing Property it may be happening.

Remember the spin of how the City could not get involved between Tesla and Boeing because it was "Boeing's property and not the City's" -- well, as we shall see this coming Tuesday that spin was nonsense and an excuse for not having stepped up to do something to get Tesla to come to Long Beach.

I want to thank the residents who took time to write letters in support of getting Tesla. I want to thank the residents who sent emails to the Mayor about getting involved.

This City has stepped up so many times to recruit businesses -- remember Best Buy in Marina Pacifica? I knew they would think of something and it is none too soon with Long Beach experiencing 13% unemployment -- the highest percentage in Los Angeles County.

The sooner these good paying jobs come to Long Beach, the better!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over 200 Respond to Survey on Regulating Lobbyists

Less than 24 hours after I posted a survey asking residents to weigh in about whether or not Long Beach should regulate lobbyists (like the other 5 largest cities in the State do), I have received over 231 responses.

The percentages in favor of the proposal are overwhelming. You can check out the results yourself by click here.

I am going to keep the survey open for another week or so. If you haven't already given me your view click here and answer the survey.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tell the City If You Think Long Beach Should Regulate Lobbyists

I am conducting a survey asking Long Beach readers to weigh in regarding whether or not you think the City Council should pass a law regulating lobbyists in Long Beach.

If you click on the link it will take you to the survey:

Your opinion is important and will be shared with my colleague on the City Council and the news media.

City Council Starts Discussion on Public Pensions

The City Council held a study session today on the issue of public employee pensions. Read the document uploaded to the right of the blog and read the information given to the council from staff.

As you will note, the issue is complicated and needs extensive discussion about what the City Council can do to deal with the growing burden of pension expenses.

The Council still needs to hear from the pubic and the employee associations -- because whatever changes made must be approved by the employee groups that are part of the collective bargaining process.

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