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Change Long Beach

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the following, then you have come to the right place:

* Do you think lobbyists should be required to register to do business with the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Department heads, the Harbor, Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissions? (Accomplished)

* Do you think elected officials and all city staff should be prohibited from receiving gifts from any lobbyist or anyone doing business with the City of Long Beach? (Accomplished)

* Do you think the Mayor and City Council should be required to publish their official calendars on line so the public can see whom they meet with? (Partially accomplished. Calendars are not mandatory but ability to post has been made available.)

* Do you think the Mayor and City Council should be required at the start of each council meeting to publicly disclose if they have had any private discussions with anyone doing business before the City Council on an item on the agenda?

* Do you think that City staff or elected officials should be prohibited for a period of three years after their term in office or employment with the City, from working and/or lobbying for anyone who is seeking to do business of any kind with the City of Long Beach?

* Do you think the City website should be fully transparent -- including the posting of contracts, payments, salaries and total compensation for employees?

* Do you think the City should "sunshine" its contacting process with public employees so that the public has adequate time and opportunity to provide input and to hold the City Council accountable.

*Are you ready to help bring the change we need in Long Beach? 

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