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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meeting with Residents on Potential East Side Dog Park...

This morning at 9 am (after a 7:45 am meeting at the Airport on another matter), I met with members of the Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands Taskforce (which has been meeting for 5 years on park issues and 2 years on dog park issues) as well as many members of the LB Community Gardens and friends of the Nature Center.

We started our meeting at the Nature Center and I explained that I had originally proposed using a portion of the maintenance yard just south of Spring (see map above). However, my colleague in the 4th Council District for whatever reason, jumped on the idea of a dog park but put out a release supporting the use of a second parcel -- which would greatly impact both the Nature Center and the Community Gardens.

To be clear, I oppose use of a parcel that would infringe on the Nature Center and Community Gardens for all the many reasons that those who attended the meeting today stated.

My proposal for the maintenance yard (and only a portion of it) was to make sure we were not in any way impacting on park land now used for other purposes. Additionally, that lot is adjacent to the Animal Care Center and I hoped that the two could work together to create educational programs on dog care.

So we then looked at two alternate sites across Spring Street inside the El Dorado Regional Park.

The first site ( which I had proposed some time ago) is immediately inside the park, visible to the public, near parking and a restroom and most importantly not on park land used for anything else. The consensus from the group was that this is the best site for a dog park (totally financed by sponsors and not the city).

The second site is behind the archery range -- out of range from arrows -- but a distance away from parking and restrooms and the entrance. The group thought that the public would not be as supportive of a dog park that was tucked back into the park and again returned to the first site in the park and again agreed it would be better.

The public is invited to send me their comments which I will relay to the Parks and Rec Commission which has the ultimate decision on this and other issues related to park use.

I want to thank my staff, Parks and Rec staff and the people who came out this morning to learn about this issue. Thanks so much.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gov Brown Announces His Pension Reform Proposals

California Governor Jerry Brown has announced his 12 point plan to reform state employees' pensions. I am linking to his document.  Many of the proposals could also be applied to local government, however, it would take state legislation to allow the changes.

Take a moment and read the Governor's proposals and let me know what you think.
Click here to read Gov. Brown's pension reforms

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Response on Poll on Dog Park -- In search of a corporate sponsor

October 27--276 Respond to Poll On Dog Park

As of today, October 27 -- 276 people have responded to the poll on my blog which asks:

If private funds can be raised to build and maintain a dog park on a parcel of land adjacent to the Long Beach Animal Care Center, would you support it?

66% -- YES
31% -- NO
4% -- Unsure

For the record: I am opposed to using land that has been designated for the expansion of the Nature Center. My proposal -- was to use the front maintenance yard off Spring which is immediately adjacent to the Animal Services Center.

Tomorrow I will be walking with members of my Taskforce on Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands to look at the parcels being recommended by Parks and Rec staff to the Parks and Rec Commission. All three of these parcel come with both positives and negatives -- but in all three scenarios we have been trying to find land that does not take away from park area currently being used by anyone.

I am also working on trying to find a corporate sponsor who would pay for the dog park -- fencing, benches, water, maintenance (at least for 3 years) so that the City of Long Beach does not take on any financial burden for a dog park.

As always, please feel free to contact me on this or any other issue of concern.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Have We Repaired?

For those of you concerned about sidewalk repairs, tree trimming, and street repairs, check out this link to the Shaping Up the Fifth District website and look at the maps:
Click here

I have worked very closely with Public Works to batch repairs together by neighborhood which has resulted in more sidewalks being fixed each year. With sawcutting, we have saved the city 30% on sidewalk repairs and have increased the number of sidewalks being fixed.

We will soon be setting out repairs for this coming fiscal year. There is never enough money to fix all that need to be fixed.

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