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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Neighbors Not Properly Noticed

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske today expressed her concern upon learning that the company used by the City of Long Beach to send out the notice of the meeting concerning placement of lights in the soccer field at Willow and Studebaker did not in fact notice all the residents of the impacted neighborhood. "It is vital that when the City or an organization proposes to make changes in a park, that the impacted neighborhoods be given full and proper notice," says Schipske, who had held two community meetings on the issue.

"I have also asked the City Attorney to determine whether or not an environmental impact statement will be required because the lights substantially change the use of the park after dark as well as increase traffic, parking and noise problems."

As a result of the failure to properly notice residents, the Parks, Recreation and Marine Commission will have to hold another meeting before making a determination whether or not to approve AYSO's proposal to fund and place field lights.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walking and talking

Was precinct walking today. Now that the rain has stopped for a while I am back out there walking and talking to residents.

It's funny. I have been doing this for so long that I can now assess in 5 seconds if someone is home. There are also sounds and smells that tell you what's going on at the house. Drying clothes has a distinct sound and smell and usually means someone is home. Newly watered garden tells you the homeowner is probably there or in the back yard. Barking dogs are a bit of a scare...especially those that charge a window.

While I am walking I am also doing an inventory on sidewalks, trees and streets.

Was finishing up my 5th street of the day when I got the call from my daughter that she might be having her baby today. Turns out it might be tomorrow or this weekend.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Solar Grand Prix Orientation A Huge Success

What do you call over 300 students and parents coming out on a Saturday morning? A huge success.

That's what's happened yesterday at the El Dorado Community Center.

I launched the orientation meeting for the First Solar Grand Prix at 10 am to a standing room only audience of students, teachers and parents who came to listen to the basics of solar energy and how to build a solar car.

Thanks to the participation of the 5th District Solar and Sustainability Task Force and volunteers from the Parks, Recretation and Marine Department, we were able to host a very organized and productive orientation.

Our speakers included:
  • Pat Vogel -- artist and the maker of the first solar car at CSULB
  • Pat Redgate -- owner and operator of Ameco Solar
  • Ryan Gardner -- CSULB Engineering student
  • Matthew McHale -- 5th District Neighborhood Liaison and Solar Grand Prix coordinator
At the conclusion of the orientation, adult coaches (parents and teachers) were given a basic solar car kit (solar panel and motor) for their team of students.

Student teams were also given hand-outs and links ( and then click on Solar Grand Prix tab) to videos and other materials.

The teams will race their creations on April 10 at the First Annual 5th District Solar Grand Prix.

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