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Saturday, November 13, 2010

865 Responses to Marijuana Collective Survey -- Some Thoughts About Responses

The responses to my survey are coming in hourly.

The results are holding steady. 5th District residents don't want them around parks, libraries, schools and day care facilities. But they don't want to vote them out of Long Beach.

I find it interesting that if marijuana is supposed to mello people out -- some of those supporting these collectives are nasty and rude in their comments. Guess they don't like being asked for their opinion on proposed legislation.

And for the person who wrote on the survey that maybe Lesbians should be prohibited in Long Beach --- you seriously need to get a life and stop attacking personally. This is a survey about regulations. If you don't agree with the ideas -- say so. No need to personally attack -- I certainly haven't attacked you.

By the way, the City of Long Beach is not taxing medical marijuana collectives -- thanks to me. I would not approve the vote that would have placed a tax on the collectives because we don't tax other "medicines."

Regarding lawsuits -- we already have 5 of them on this issue. And while those applying to become permitted (not licensed) collectives think they have the corner on suing the city if they are further regulated -- get in line with the residents who most likely will sue if their property values go down because they are close to a collective and all the traffic it brings. Better that the City Council fix the flaws in the ordinance before these collectives open than to wait and then change the law. You think there's yelling now...try making changes once these places open for business.

If the operators really cared about Long Beach -- they would agree that collectives should not be operated near schools, parks, libraries and child care centers -- just as is the case in the other cities in which they are doing business.

835 Respond to Survey So Far on Marijuana Collectives

I will close the survey on Monday night but as of this moment 835 people have responded to the survey.
5th District residents want the buffer for parks and libraries but are not as in favor of moving growing shops to industrial. The majority are not in favor of placing the issue on a ballot to prohibit the marijuana collectives as do Lakewood and Signal Hill.

Putting a buffer for parks and libraries would be consistent with EVERY ordinance currently operating in cities in California which allow medical marijuana collectives to operate.

After I close the survey on Monday, I will share the results.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Link to survey on Marijuana Collectives in Long Beach

Some people are complaining that they cannot access the survey I just sent out. I won't go into the technical aspects but simply if you didn't get the email directly from me and it was forwarded by someone who already answered the survey you will get blocked.

To get around this I am putting a direct link to the survey that will fix this problem

Sorry for the inconvenience but the software that allows the surveys put this feature in.

Why Controlling Marijuana Collectives is Like Limiting Airplanes Over a Neighborhood

Despite the protestations from a colleague, three councilmembers, including me, are not trying to change the ordinance governing marijuana collectives in Long Beach at "midnight." Actually we dealt with the issue around 9 pm...but I digress.

Our City Attorney was consulted before this item was placed on the agenda. None of the "potential" marijuana outlets have been licensed or given permits by the City. The City Council has every right (and obligation) to make a bad law better BEFORE we allow any operation of these outlets. There has been no promise of the City that anyone will be allowed to operate until that permit is granted.

Simply put, Long Beach does not need to allow these collectives anywhere let alone across from parks, day care centers, libraries and other places young children congregate. Something I have tried to prevent from the beginning. Now two other council persons agree.

We also don't need to allow marijuana grown in retail centers. 

The voters of California overwhelmingly rejected legalizing marijuana just last week. The City Council has the obligation to protect its neighborhoods and that is what some of us are trying to do.

It's very similar to when residents rose up and protested the noise from airplanes flying over their neighborhoods. Some argued -- not fair to limit flights. It is bad for business and besides people want the convenience of flying out of a local airport. It isn't the City Council's business to limit how many planes can fly out of Long Beach. The other side countered: We must protect our neighborhoods and the quality of life. We need to HUSH these flights. Let the airlines go elsewhere -- but not over our houses.

Restricting or prohibiting where and how many marijuana collectives can be in Long Beach is just like limiting the number of airplanes. Both actions protect our neighborhoods.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Newcomb Academy Hosts 5k Walk on November 14th

Run Like It’s Recess – A Fun Family Event
The inaugural “Run Like It’s Recess” 5k run/walk and kids 1k fun run on November 14, 2010 is a exciting event with something for entire family. Activities include a competitive 5k race on a flat, fast course through scenic El Dorado Park and kids fun zone with crafts and games. Spend a leisurely Sunday morning strolling through El Dorado park or create your own personal record for best 5k time. All ages and fitness levels welcome!  

Newcomb Academy PTSA is proud to host this fun event that provides families with an opportunity to be fit together while raising funds to better the education of our local children. Due to the recent funding cuts to our public school system, community involvement has become critical to maintaining our education standards. The health of our children and general population is also under scrutiny in today’s fast-paced electronic environment.  

One of the most fun events to watch is the 50-yard toddler dash starting at 10:45.  The littlest ones will be racing across the finish line and all will receive a medal to commemorate their experience.  The 1k kids fun run begins at 10:15 – a great introduction to running for younger children.  All 1k participants will receive a finisher’s medal and tee-shirt!  The competitive 5k begins at 9:00 with prizes awarded to top finishers in each age group. The park is dog and stroller friendly and both will be allowed in the 5k. 

Weather you walk with your family or race your friends, the day promises to be a great experience. So Run Like Its Recess and have fun. Registration is available through by searching for Run Like It’s Recess. Forms are also available at Newcomb Academy 3351 Val Verde Ave, Long Beach CA 90808. For additional information or team discounts email

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