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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Schipske to Host Workshop on How to Run for Her Council Seat

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske Offers Workshop on Running for the 5th Council District: Everything You Need to Know 

She offered it when she ran for re-election in 2006 and now that she will be termed out in 2014, Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske is again hosting a workshop for anyone interested in running for the 5th Council District. 

“I love the 5th District and want to help recruit quality candidates and make sure our residents have some good choices,” says Schipske who was first elected to the seat in 2006 and is serving in her second full term. “With the election just 12 months away, anyone thinking of running should be starting his or her campaign.” 

Schipske will brief potential candidates about the issues impacting the 5th District and discuss the system she and her staff use to respond to residents. She will also review the 7 years of projects she has initiated and will also cover the basics of what a candidate needs to do in order to be successful in the 5th Council District. 

“The residents of the 5th District have come to expect information, contact and follow up from their elected officials. They also expect candidates to walk door to door so they can get a chance to talk with you one on one. That takes a lot of work to win a campaign in this district because geographically the district is spread out across 11.5 square miles.” 

 Schipske notes that she will not seek a third term on the City Council by running as a write in candidate. “I am concerned that term limits have resulted in so much turn over down at City Hall that major decisions and power gets placed in the hands of long time employees instead of elected officials. But the voters approved term limits and I respect that decision.” 

Schipske will not make an endorsement for the 5th Council District but pledged that once her replacement is elected, she will make the transition as “smooth as possible so that residents won’t see an interruption in service.” 

Residents of the 5th Council District interested in running for the council seat in 2014 are invited to attend the workshop on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 5 pm – 6:30 pm in the large conference room of the Parks and Recreation Administration Building at Studebaker and Barrios.
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City Files Response on Draft EIR for New Casino in Hawaiian Gardens

I-605, Hawaiian Gardens, California
I-605, Hawaiian Gardens, California (Photo credit: Ken Lund)
The City of Long Beach has filed comments to a draft Environmental Impact Report filed by the City of Hawaiian Gardens concerning the tear down of the existing Hawaiian Gardens card club and the building of a two story casino (without slot machines, roulette and crap tables).

The letter was sent to me for review by city staff.

 The City Traffic Engineer is concerned about the increased traffic that will be generated and its impact on Carson. Los Coyotes and Palos Verdes streets. It is not predicted to increase traffic on Pioneer. Below is the letter filed by the City of Long Beach.

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City Attorney Provides Recap of Process for City to Receive $4.6 million surplus army property for police substation

The following memo was released by the City Attorney to recap the process under which the City has participated to receive a $4.6 million property from the US Army and US HUD. The property will be used for a police substation which will relieve the city of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lease payments currently spent on other buildings.

I have advocated for several years to find the homeless services provider, MHA America, an alternate site (other than the lot adjacent to the City Public Health Department) .

I will continue to keep residents updated as this process continues.

Recap of history of Schroeder Army Hall appplication by

Oxy Petroleum Donates $1 million for Chittick Field in Central Long Beach

The giant oil company Oxy Petroleum which partners with the City of Long Beach to remove oil from tidelands and uplands areas, has announced it is gifting Partners of Parks with $1 million dollars to be used for the development of sports fields at Chittick Field in central Long Beach.

Below is the City Management document explaining the gift.

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Save Station 18

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