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Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Planning Meeting on TEDXLongBeach

A few weeks ago, I authored a council agenda item that requested the City Manager to apply for a license (free of charge) to host a TED-XLongBeach.

Last week, I hosted the first planning committee meeting at City Hall. About 20 attended and what is amazing is that many had already started to take ownership at making this a fantastic event. A facebook page: TedxLongBeach had been set up as well as a

We are currently working on a venue in November of this year -- Center Theater near the Terrace Theater or CSULB Carpenter Center.

If you are interested in participating, please contact my council office and speak with Josh Butler at: 562 570-6932.

Also check out the links to other TEDX events hosted by cities.
TED and TEDX Events

Apparently TESLA is Ready to Announce...Again

Received a call from local media about the following AP story you can read on the link

indicating TESLA Motors is just days away from announcing which location it has chosen -- Downey or Long Beach. The reporter asked for a comment -- I gave none because this is probably the 10th time an article like this has appeared and nothing happens. And on the off chance the City of Long Beach is still in the running, I don't want to say anything.

However, should the City of Long Beach lose out to the tiny city of Downey, then I hope I won't be the only person called to discuss what happened. Let's see if the front page of the local press is filled with a story about "what went wrong" -- just like was recently done about the loss of the Kroc Center funding.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Schipske's Assignments on California Medical Board

In 2007, I was appointed a "public" (non-physician) member to the California Medical Board by the Senate Rules Committee. I am currently the only Registered Nurse Practitioner on a state medical board in the United States. The other 14 members are appointed by the Governor and the Speaker of the Assembly.

We meet quarterly but receive numerous cases on-line which we must review and vote upon. These cases involve the appropriate discipline for physicians who have violated the law regarding their licensure.

In addition to the general Medical Board work, I have also been appointed to the following committees:
  • Access to Care
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Application Review
  • Advisory Committee on Physician Responsibility in the Supervision of Affiliated Health Care Professionals
For the first time in the history of the California Medical Board, it will hold its quarterly meeting in Long Beach this coming November. I have arranged that the meeting will be held at the new Miller Children's Medical Center. This will be a great opportunity to show off Long Beach to this important state regulatory body.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty difficult to be told you may kill one of the top 10 sales tax producers

Whether I believe it or not, being shown figures that indicate that Worthington Ford is one of the top 10 generators of sales taxes for Long Beach, made it near impossible to vote against approving a federal loan of $600,000 for retaining the dealership here in Long Beach.

I am appalled that Ford would offer Worthington a considerable amount of money to leave Long Beach especially since Ford shares about 28% of the sales tax generated at the shopping center where Worthington is located. But losing this tax generator for any reason would be catastrophic for the city.

It now remains to be seen if HUD will approve the $400,000 not available currently. Should that not happen it will be interesting to see if Worthington will remain without the additional $400,000 considering that Ford offered him close to $2million to move.

Monday, May 3, 2010

You can sign up for emergency contact by City of Long Beach

The City of Long Beach has in place an emergency contact system or what is also known as "reverse 9-1-1" which can be used for the City to contact residents to inform them of an emergency.

If you click on this link you will be given a sign up sheet for this service. Please note that the City will not use your information for any other purpose but for emergencies.

Show Me the CDBG Application Before You Give the Money

Let me get the requisite phrase out of the way: "I am business friendly. I want business to grow and flourish in Long Beach." Ok.

Now that the wheels have been greased in the local media (except for LA Times which did a feature a week ago indicating that Worthington Ford grossed $600 million in 2002 and did so well last year that they want to buy another dealership) for the Council to vote to approve a $600,000 loan (most likely forgiveable... which I cannot find is permissible under federal law) to retain 116 jobs (only 20 of which are Long Beach residents) at the current dealership, I ask you: what self respecting legislator would approve this deal without reading the CDBG requirements for job retention loans?

For your reading pleasure, I am posting an excerpt from the requirements that show a number of formulaes required before these funds can be used for job retention -- not least of these is the requirement that the local government pledge non-CDBG funds as well.

I haven't seen the loan application, nor calculation of the formulaes which would ok the loan, nor the financial information of the recipient which is required by law, nor where the City is getting non-CDBG monies to help this project. But maybe all of that will be cleared up before this deal is voted on by the City Council. Ooops. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow.

Latest in 5th Council District and City

Mud Swamp to Paved Alley.
Construction is going to start on May 3, 2010 and will be completed on May 27, 2010 according
contractor's (Sully-Miller) construction schedule on the new alley being placed behind Euclid in the Artcraft Manor area of the 5th District. This area has never had an alley and as a consequence the area has flooded and has left homes and garages coated with mud from cars that attempt to traverse it during and after rains. Once the alley is completed we will power wash the homes and garages to remove the mud.

Monster Roots.
In the never ending struggle between sidewalks, streets and the trees that push them around, I bring you a report on the 3600-3700 blocks of Karen Avenue. The street is lined with mature Italian Stone Pines, which can grow up to 50 feet in height and develop canopies up to 60 feet in diameter. The root systems of these trees ave caused large humps in the street, as well as displacement of curbs, gutters and sidewalks. In 2005, sidewalk improvements were completed on Karen Avenue and this work made it necessary to "shave" the root systems. Because of this, a period of time was needed to allow the root structures to heal. Now that this period of healing has passed, Public Works is set to start the initial phase of street rehabilitation. This initial phase will address issues at 37 locations. A certified arborist will be assigned to ensure that trees' health and surrounding structures are protected as the umps are excavated and removed. A similar project was successfully completed in 2007 on the 6100-6200 blocks of Keynote Street. That project corrected the major street issues and saved 30 of the majestic trees.

City Releases Community Garden Policy.
The City's Parks, Recreation and Marine Department released a citywide Community Garden Policy outlining available park locations where Long Beach residents and organizations can establish a community garden.

Residents wishing to start a community garden should go on line to: or

Community gardening has many benefits such as producing fresh, health food; creating opportunity for outdoor activity and an opportunity for education and awareness and community involvement.

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