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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Allegiant to Launch Flights between Long Beach and Las Vegas

On Friday, November 19, 2010, the Allegiant Travel Company (our newest airline) will formally announce a new service destination from the Long Beach Airport. In connection with the new service announcement, Allegiant is working with local establishments in Long Beach to promote the new destination.

An event is planned for Friday at Legends in the Belmont Shore neighborhood, which will include travel giveaways. Allegiant is a travel company specializing in full vacation packages to various destinations including the Southern California area. We believe Allegiant will start releasing some of the details of their travel promotion today.

Changes for Wireless Towers in Long Beach

 Several months ago I brought the issue of residents' concerns about the placement and proliferation of wireless towers in church parking lots and locations adjacent to homes. The city placed a moratorium on new placements until the City could modernize its ordinance. The following document outlines the direction we are heading:


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old McDonald's Farmers' Market Opening a Great Success

If you missed the grand opening last Sunday, you can still come on down to the 5th District Farmers' Market at Spring and Clark each Sunday at 8 am until 2pm.
There's lots of good, fresh food. Community booths with information. Activities for kids. Music and lots more.

Here's a few pictures of the first day of the market. Thanks to our LB Junior Concert Band for coming out to help open the market.

Council Backs Adding 1,000 Foot Buffer Zone for Parks

I want to thank my colleagues that voted to support my proposal to include a 1,000 foot buffer zone for parks in the medical marijuana collective ordinance. This will make Long Beach's law consistent with other cities which allow these collectives. A number of other changes were approved with the same vote. Additionally, there will be a one year moratorium on additional collectives applying for permits in Long Beach.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What 1045 people had to say about tightening up the City of Long Beach ordinance to regulate medical marijuana collectives


Learn How to Get Help from Habitat for Humanity


1045 responses on pending changes to medical marijuana ordinance -- Mixed by District

Pay no attention to the man behind the smoke screen because he's out there telling the world that the on line survey I put out asking people's opinion on pending changes to the medical marijuana ordinance indicates a city wide overwhelming opposition to these changes.


Unless you think getting 29 responses from the 1st District; 96 from the 2nd; 205 from 3rd; 72 from the 4th; 514 from the 5th; 17 from the 6th; 38th from the 7th; 41 from the 8th; and 13 from the 9th are a "citywide" response. Hardly overwhelming. You can click on the results below: - 9th - 8th - 7th - 6th - 5th - 4th - 3rd - 2nd - 1st

Overall responses: 1045.  Until the last hour the survey was posted and over 100 signed on -- most anonymous responses-- the 5th District continued to support a buffer from parks, libraries and day care centers. Then it tightened up to about even.

The 5th District also didn't support moving the retail growers to industrial, nor placing the issue on the ballot.

I will post the overall results and the comments (oooo, the comments) that people posted on a later blog entry.

Monday, November 15, 2010

978 Responses -- 471 from 5th District

978 people have responded to the survey on placement of medical marijuana collectives. Of these, 471 have indicated they are residents of the 5th District.

By no means a scientific poll -- because people self select themselves to respond instead of it being done randomly -- never the less, these are the people most interested in the topic on either side.

The results are running consistently since the start of the survey -- 5th District residents want the collectives out of a buffer zone from parks, libraries, schools and day care centers. They don't necessarily believe they should have to grow in industrial areas and they aren't in favor of a ballot measure to prohibit them as does Lakewood and Signal Hill.

I will close out the survey this evening and make the results available to anyone.

P.S. For those who criticize the survey as not including information on the various medical conditions "needing" medical marijuana -- that's not what it was about. It was to get a read on how residents feel about where the collectives should be located. -- not a debate on the merits of medical marijuana. At least someone bothered to ask your opinion.

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