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Friday, February 7, 2014

Schipske Proposes Two Economic Development Proposals

Schipske Outlines Two Steps City Can Take To Move Economic Development – Apply With LAEDC for Federal Designation as Manufacturing Community and Assist Local Businesses and Developers in Applying for CALPERS Pension Investment

February 7, 2014 – With an unemployment rate still hovering in the double digit range, Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske says it is time Long Beach became more aggressive in tracking down opportunities for economic development.

“I sit on the LA Jobs Defense Council which is a part of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation because I wanted to find out what Long Beach can do to attract business and jobs,” says Schipske. “LAEDC is aggressively seeking opportunities and just announced that it will apply to become one of 12 communities federally designated as a manufacturing community. Long Beach needs to a part of the application.”
The designation is funded through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP), a new government-wide initiative that will help communities cultivate an environment for businesses to create well-paying manufacturing jobs in regions across the country and thereby accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing. The IMCP is designed to reward communities that demonstrate best practices in attracting and expanding manufacturing by bringing together key local stakeholders and using long-term planning that integrates targeted investments across a community's industrial ecosystem to create broad-based prosperity. The IMCP is a critical component of the Department of Commerce’s “Open for Business Agenda,” which prioritizes trade and investment.
Up to 12 communities will be designated and the designation gives them elevated consideration for $1.3 billion in federal dollars and assistance from 10 cabinet departments/agencies. These communities would also potentially receive additional catalytic federal investments to support their economic development strategies. Proposals for designation as a Manufacturing Community must be submitted on behalf of the region by a consortium – which in this case is the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation.
“I am agendizing an item for Council requesting the City Manager to work with LAEDC in submitting the information necessary for Long Beach to be considered in this federal stimulus program,” explains Schipske. “The application must be submitted by March 14.”
Schipske also notes that the CALPERS system which manages $3.05 billion of assets contributed by Long Beach for its employees’ pensions, invests these funds in businesses and developments. “Long Beach is the largest city contributor in CALPERS and some of these funds need to come back to the City through investments,” says Schipske.
CALPERS accepts proposals for investments in the following  categories: Private Equity, Real Estate, Forestland, Infrastructure, Commodities, Global Fixed Income, Global Equities or Hedge Funds. (see    
In 2001, CALPERS approved a $1 billion dollar investment in 445 communities that were classified as traditionally underserved. Schipske notes that with the City’s “high rates of unemployment and poverty” should qualify Long Beach for CALPERS investment.

“I am also agendizing an item requesting the City Manager to schedule a presentation at Council from CALPERS on how Long Beach businesses and developers can apply to be considered for CALPERS investment. Both of these proposals can assist greatly in the economic development of Long Beach.” #30
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good and Bad Night for Taxpayers

Several Schipske Proposals Approved.

Dear Resident,
Tonight was a big win for taxpayers. Several of my proposals were approved by the Council and one proposal lost by just one vote.

Here's a recap:

1. Council approves funding for modern Human Resource Management system that includes for the first time an automated time keeping system.
I have advocated for this since joining City Council in 2006. I teach Human Resources Management and it is beyond belief that a City our size or a business with as many employees -- 4,300 -- would operate with a manual time keeping system. This system allows employees to fill out their own time cards every two weeks. The time sheets are then manually input. On any given day, the City does not know how many employees have reported to work except by going department to department. This needed system will help the city track employees and use of sick and vacation leave.

2. Council approves re-instating the Mills Act which provides tax relief to homeowners who rehab historical properties. Started in 1972 by state law, the City of Long Beach has only contracted with 30 homeowners to allow them to take up to a 60% reduction in property taxes if they rehab and maintain properties given a historic designation. The City stopped this program in 2006. Council approved my motion to reinstate the program and directed the City Manager to come back in 30 days with plans on how to do just that. This program will give the needed incentives to fix up and restore our historic properties which will bring added property taxes because of the increased values.
Council Doesn't Approve Opening the Collective Bargaining Process to Make It Transparent
Unfortunately, the Council by a 5-3 vote killed my proposal to have the City Attorney determine how the City could make the collective bargaining process more open and transparent to the public. The City of Costa Mesa has enacted such an ordinance and school districts are required to do it. Apparently there are council members who don't even want to discuss  current system and ways to make it more transparent. That's sad for taxpayers.
What do you think? Let me know by emailing: As always, I will answer.

MWD to do Major Pipe Repair in 5th Council District

Dear 5th District Residents,

 If you live near Conant Street and Clark Avenue you will be receiving a notice from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) that their crew will be digging up and repairing major pipeline segments that are in danger of leakage.

I am attaching their letter and a powerpoint presentation which shows the kind of work they will be doing for 14 days, round the clock.  Click here to seeThey have assured me that they are 1,400 feet from homes and other than the flashing of welding, homeowners should not hear nor see and major construction work during this time period.

They want to prevent a major leakage which would cause a sink hole.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Gerrie Schipske

Save Station 18

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