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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good News --You Can Help Save the LB Municipal Band Now.

Long Beach Municipal Band 1925

I have several pieces of good news concerning the future of the Long Beach Municipal Band.

As you know, many of you contacted me about saving the Long Beach Municipal Band from the financial cuts proposed in the budget presented to the City Council.

I immediately set out to try and find a corporate sponsor by sending out a number of letters to key business contacts. I also encouraged residents to do the same.

I was contacted by a member of the Harbor Commission about engaging the Port of Long Beach in helping to fund. It appears we may be able to secure $50,000.

The law firm of Keesal, Young and Logan have agreed to provide pro-bono legal work to form a non-profit "Friends of the LB Municipal Band" which will allow tax deductible contributions to be made that will go directly to maintaining the LB Municipal Band.

In the interim, I have asked city staff to arrange with Partners of Parks, which is a non profit organization that can accept tax deductible donations, to waive their 10% administrative fee and accept donations right now for the Long Beach Municipal Band.

You may now send your tax deductible donation to help save the Long Beach Municipal Band to:
Partners of Parks
2760 N Studebaker Road
Long Beach, CA 90815-1697

Mark your donation: Long Beach Municipal Band.

The fight is not over. We need to make certain the band receives a steady source of funding from the City of Long Beach. As we look at other programs funded from the same source of monies, we need to make certain the LB Municipal Band receives it fair share.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Community Budget Meeting for 5th Council District Saturday August 21st

The public is invited to attend a Community Budget Meeting on Saturday, August 21 at 10 am. The meeting will feature Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and key city management who will discuss the Mayor and City Manager's proposed budget for the coming Fiscal Year.

The meeting will be held at Emerson Parkside Academy at Josie and Willow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly City Manager Newsletter

The most recent City Manager's weekly newsletter:

Friday Newsletter 0813102                                                            

City Council Compensation

 The following was given to the LA Times regarding the compensation given to City Council members and the Mayor:    Council Compensation 8-13-10                                                            

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