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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Before You Yell at the Bicyclists on Second Street -- Be Concerned About Their Health

English: Long Beach Transit
English: Long Beach Transit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A recent story published in Atlantic Cities (my favorite source of up to date info on cities and trends), research is indicating that people trying to reduce air pollution by bicycling places may in fact be inhaling even more pollution.

That's right. Before you shake your fists at the bicyclists sharing the road, you might show a little concern for them. They are inhaling bus fumes and the fumes from your car (as you whiz by) and it's all very unhealthy. The obvious suggestion of the article is to stay away from the back of the bus.

Considering Long Beach Transit was the first to put filters/traps on their exhaust to trap danger particles from diesel, burning low sulphur fuel since 2002 and adding 46 hybrid buses to their fleet, it may not be as dangerous to bike in Long Beach as the article points out it could be in San Diego.

People Trying to Reduce Air Pollution Might Be Inhaling Even More Pollution

P.S. No. The rail on the front of the bus is not a "bike catcher" (on trains they call it "cow catcher"). It is a rack so those who want to take their bikes along for a ride on the bus can do so.
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