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Open and Transparent

From the beginning of Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske's election to the Long Beach City Council in 2006, she has been fighting for open and transparent government.

That's because she agrees with the philosophy of President Thomas Jefferson: “Information is the currency of democracy.”

Councilwoman Schipske was the first council member to post her calendar so that constituents could see who she meets with. She also is the first and only council member to host a blog that details her thoughts on the issues facing the 5th Council District and the city. She utilizes the blog to also post government notices and memorandums so that residents know what she knows.

For the past several years, Councilwoman Schipske has been developing proposals to amend the City Charter that will require the "sun shining" of negotiations with public employee groups -- just as is required for public school boards. Her proposal also requires the City Manager to certify that there are funds sufficient to pay for the salaries and benefits provided in a contract with employees -- also something required for public schools in the California Government Code.

These changes will require an amendment in the City Charter and will provide the public an opportunity to comment before contracts are finalized.

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