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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Updates on storm damage to City of Long Beach

Dear Readers -- see current report from City Manager Pat West about storm damage to the City of Long Beach. Please thank the Police, Fire and Public Works employees who have been out there helping to keep us safe and to clean up this mess.

Long Beach received more than 8 inches of rain over the past seven days, breaking previous rainfall records. Needless to say, City Crews and Public Safety Personnel were busy throughout this time. The following is a summary of storm related work activities and current conditions.

Responded to a total of 33 Trees and 43 Flooded calls.


1T - 7

2T - 1

3T - 5

4T - 1

6T - 3 (2 uprooting)


1T - 5 (1 vehicle)

2T - 2

3T - 2 (1 private, 1 vehicle)

5T - 3

6T - 4 (3 uprooting)


East - 10

West - 33

Current Road Closures

TI/Willow (Broken Pump Station) - Willow closed, Contractor to begin pumping at noon, could take 24 hours, enhancing traffic control

Del Mar south of San Antonio (Large area of standing water) - Del Mar closed, Contractor pumping, Engineering requested to review

14th/Gaviota (Sinking Area) - Intersection closed/extending on 14th and Gaviota, Engineering working on repair

Potholes City Wide - Repairs are taking place with cold mix (heavy traffic, water saturated asphalt and base are making these repairs difficult ), most have been repaired several times during the past 5 days. Efforts to repair with hot asphalt will be scheduled for next week. Some areas have traffic control.

Pump Stations - SD18 (Wardlow/El Dorado Park) & SD7 (TI/Willow) are off line with broken pumps - all other stations are operational, staff is inspecting systems.

Trees - We are working a few pending calls and have started the debris collection of downed/stacked debris from the event. Palm fronds locations are being addressed as resources allow.

Sand - Bin and sandbag locations are being visited and replenished as needed

It now appears that the storm front has past, however we will continue to monitor condition. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of all the City Crews and Public Safety Personnel during this week of storms. Despite long hours and adverse conditions, everyone did their part.


Save Station 18

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