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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flooding and Street Closure Report -- 5:45 pm 1/20/10

The following was sent to all City Council members just minutes ago from City Manager Pat West:

Multiple streets and intersections are flooded and/or are being closed.

Closures include:
    • Spring St. Tunnel between Kilroy and Lakewood (5 th District)
    • Terminal Island Freeway at Willow (7 th District)
    • WB Willow onramp to Terminal Island Freeway at Willow (7 th District)
    • San Diego (405) Freeway at Santa Fe (7 th /8 th Districts)
    • Temple Bridge over the 405 Freeway
    • Redondo between Anaheim and 11th (4th District)
    • Junipero between 14 th and 17 th
    • Southbound 405 exit at Lakewood closed by CHP
    • The entrance to Long Beach Airport was closed, but quickly reopened when the flooding subsided

Flooded intersections include:
    • Atherton and Park (4 th District)
    • Long Beach Blvd. and Willow (6 th District)
    • Arlington Ave. – water up to hubcaps
    • 1900 block of Atlantic – Street flooded up to front of store
    • University Park Estates – back of 6 th Street
    • Ocean Blvd. and 7 th Place – mud flow
    • Spring St. west of Studebaker
    • 3600 block of Ocean Blvd.
    • Pasadena and 23 rd – manhole covers popping up
    • 600 block of East PCH – manhole covers popping up (1 st /6 th Districts)
    • 7 th and Pacific

Trees down
Palos Verde and Willow

Main Library
  • Flooding and leaking ceiling in several areas
  • Drainage on the Plaza has improved significantly today. Sandbags have been placed at the Library front doors and no rain incursion has occurred into the Library lobby so far. Buckets have been deployed throughout the building

Alamitos : No new problems with leaking
Bach : Sandbags used for water incursion from the Carson/Bellflower intersection
Bay Shore : 3 small leaks in Meeting room from vents (usual leaks)
Brewitt : Sandbags used for water incursion from Anaheim street. Carpets wet from yesterday
Burnett : Hill Street was flooded over the sidewalk in front of the library; the water was up to the beginning of the steps.
Dana : No leaks in public area
El Dorado : Small leak in community room, same as yesterday
Bret Harte : Several significant leaks in public area
Los Altos : Leak in Magazine corner, and new carpet tiles are wet
Mark Twain : Water coming into community room through outside patio door
North : Leak along the south facing interior wall. Ceiling tiles are soaked as well

Crews today are bringing in an additional 400 tons of sand for residents, who picked up 150 tons of sand yesterday at Fire Stations. We are closing in on 50,000 sandbags distributed by now.

Save Station 18

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