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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Only Civic Leader to Attend Ordination of Two Women Bishops at LB Convention Center

Diane Bruce and Mary Glasspool before being ordained as bishops in Episcopal Church yesterday.
I had the pleasure of being the only civic leader to attend the ordination yesterday of two women bishops at the Long Beach Convention Center.

I received the invitation last month and decided that it would be a historical event, especially considering that Mary Glasspool is the first openly lesbian priest to be made bishop in the Episcopal Church in the US.

When I arrived with my partner, Flo, who was raised Episcopalian (as were our three kids), we were greeted with vile protesters who verbally attempted to assault everyone in line and then later tried to disrupt the ceremonies inside.

Other Bishops lay hands on Mary Glasspool as she is ordained as Bishop for LA Diocese.
Because I am a civic leader I was invited to walk in the processional that preceded the entry of the bishops and bishops to be.

My how the church has changed. The ceremony was multi cultural and the 7000 plus people in attendance were of every color and sexual orientation.

I am glad that I attended this event. It was positive and uplifting.
PS The church leaders had nothing but praise for the LB Convention Center and its staff. Many commented how great the downtown looked and how ironic it was that at the same time as the new bishops were being ordained, the Gay Pride Festival could be heard outside.

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