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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schipske Schedules Work Party for Pan Am Park

Schipske Continues To Shape Up the 5th District
Work Party At Pan American Park To Focus On Landscaping And Painting

(LONG BEACH, CA; August 8, 2012) – Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske invites you to join her and other residents to “Shape Up The Fifth District” this Saturday at 8 am, August 11
th at Pan American Park, located at 5157 East Centralia Street, Long Beach, CA.  “Shaping Up the 5th” is a program designed by Councilwoman Schipske to engage residents in identifying things that need to be fixed or upgraded in the parks and neighborhoods of the Fifth District. The items are reported to the appropriate city departments and tracked by the 5th District staff.

The "Shaping Up The Fifth" Work Party at Pan American Park expands the program to include landscaping, clean up and painting.  

"My staff and I, along with the help of residents, will be painting benches and tables, spreading mulch on several areas, and planting new shrubbery around the park’s snack bar."  
“This park is very important for families in this neighborhood, and with budget cuts looming, it is important that we all participate in doing what we can to keep Pan Am Park looking good," adds Councilwoman Schipske.  

On June of 2011, Councilwoman Schipske launched “Shaping Up The Fifth” to keep account of a street-by-street inventory of infrastructure that needed repair. The program gives residents the opportunity to participate in identifying what is needed to keep the City of Long Beach clear of any safety hazards.  Residents are encouraged to notify Councilwoman Schipske on line at, and can fill out a simple form that lets her know about broken sidewalks, uprooted trees, standing water issues, faded street signs, and raised curbs, and gutters.

“I started walking the 5th district several years ago,” says Schipske. “But the district is 11.5 square miles.  I need help getting to every street in order to provide the city with a complete inventory of what needs to be repaired or replaced."  

For more information on Shaping Up The Fifth at Pan American Park, please contact the Office of Councilwoman Schipske at 562 570-6932, or by email:
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