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Saturday, January 19, 2013

City filling up with thousands of supporters

Homeland Security equipment placed everywhere in city.
In line for free concert at Kennedy Center

Up close look at Presidential review stand that will be used during parade on Monday.

Catering truck parked in front of White House. Guess you have to pull strings to get this one.

Bike share in DC. Across from Washington Monument bikes are lined up for rental. Even with traffic and crowds of people walking, people were lining up to rent bikes.

What a difference a day makes. The city is starting to fill up. As we walk around the National Mall and over to the White House thousands of people are walking around. Impossible to take a cab anywhere because traffic is bumper to bumper. It's a festive mood. People are inspecting all the preparations in place for the parade after the swearing in.

The weather improved today but it is still very cold.

Because I know the city so well having lived here twice in my life, we were able to get around easily but nonetheless slowly because of the crowds. Was amazed how quickly the vendors had photos and tshirts showing the First Lady's new hair cut out on the street.

Thousands of young people here because of the 65 High School ands going to play in the parade. Many of them were at the Kennedy Center tonite as Flo and I attended a free quartet concert by the National Symphony.

Then back to Georgetown for dinner with a long time friends who is a political consultant. Fun to catch up.
Took lots of photos some of which I am posting to show the preparations in front of the White House.
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