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Friday, January 21, 2011

156 Area Schools to Receive Solar Car Kits From Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

The early bird may catch the worm, but it will be  middle school and high school students from Long Beach schools who will be getting a solar car kit when they attend an orientation this Saturday morning on how to build a solar car sponsored by my office.

156 school teams have signed up to participate in the 2nd Annual Solar Grand Prix and as part of the event they must attend a mandatory orientation in order to find out the rules of the Solar Grand Prix and to receive a solar car kit which they will use to build their cars.

I started this event last year and we received 50 applications from student teams. This year the response tripled because students and teachers found the experience last year to be so exciting and word got out that this event provides an opportunity to learn the basics of this alternate form of energy. Also, the races are fun and the students enjoy being creative in their designs.

Students will receive a solar car kit at the end of the orientation and will have until race day -- Saturday, April 9th -- to build their car. Cars will be judged on creativity and design and will be entered into a series of races on tracks constructed by the local Carpenter's union. The event has expanded so much that it will be moved from Good Neighbor Park to the large area behind the Parks and Recreation Administration Building where soccer is played.

The Solar Grand Prix will also feature solar energy and electric vehicle displays. The event is open to the public.

Several of the winning teams from last year's Solar Grand Prix will be on hand during the orientation to share their experiences with the teams entering the races this year.

The Solar Grand Prix orientation will be held at 8 am this Saturday, January 22 at the LB Water Treatment Plant, on Redondo off Spring. Teams must be pre-registered to attend the orientation and to receive the solar car kit. Kits were donated by a number of sponsors.

Adults wishing to volunteer to help with judging the cars and monitoring the races on April 9th are welcome to contact my office at: 562 570-6932.

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