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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's like watching sausage being made...

I have attempted not to use this blog to report on the negative stuff that happens being on the City Council.

But a very thoughtful constituent from the 3rd Council district just sent me a copy of an email he sent to Councilman Gary DeLong in response to DeLong's diatribe against the majority of the city council who shot down his scheme to dole out street sweeping services to one of the many businesses he had already alerted would get a chance to bid.

DeLong had threatened in a previous email to "tell" his email list who dared to vote against his proposal. And while he insulted one councilmember last night by characterizing the councilmember's comments as "nonsense" and "disingenious" -- he was a gentleman enough not to call out that particular councilmember in his email blast.

But instead  De Long took a shot at me in his email blast today -- only me -- by stating that "once again" Gerrie Schipske was wrong because I said that street sweeping produces revenue. Despite his knowing that street sweeping does produce revenue because it is linked to street sweeping tickets of cars parked on street sweeping day, he continues to deny the fact and came very close to calling me a liar.

His email with my name in it might explain why I started to get nasty comments in emails this afternoon.

Don't know why De Long thought it was necessary to put my name in his email. But it does appear that more and more when he doesn't get his way he becomes a very angry man and says demeaning, belittling comments about two of the females on the City Council. Guess it was my day (again) to be his target.

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