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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things not explained about the plastic bag ban

I will have to pull the video on the debate. I could swear that we were told during the discussion that stores such as Target, Walmart and Kmart that used much larger and thicker plastic bags would be exempt from the ban imposed by the City Council on local shoppers.

That's not the word I received today when the list came out and Target, Walmart and Kmart were on there as places where plastic bags are banned in Long Beach.

I again asked city staff to explain and received the following:
The only  bags allowed to be given away free under the Ordinance must be reusable:   1.  Have a minimum life of 125 uses.  (Capable of carrying a minimum of 22 pounds at least 175 feet)2.   Have a minimum volume of 15 liters3.  Machine washable or  made from a material that can be disinfected.4.  Must meet certain labeling requirements, and
5.  If plastic, must be a minimum of 2.25 mils thick.  
Staff has spoken to both Target and  Walmart and they understand their bags do not meet the requirements of the Ordinance to be given away free and plan to comply.  Staff has not spoken  with KMart. 
Boy or Boy are there going to be many angry residents over this one.

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