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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Being Very Business Friendly

Last night in City Council, Councilman Gary DeLong displayed (again) the type of arrogance and ignorance that has sent the message to the business community that they need not to come to Long Beach.

A scheduled agenda item was brought forth to provide the Council a briefing from several marketing professionals on how robust the demographics are in Long Beach for attracting top retailers and how the City could leverage this advantage and seek corporate sponsors which would raise revenues.

Instead of welcoming (and thanking) these professionals and engaging with them about the information being presented, DeLong who has a very small business, interrupted and inquired why we were even taking this issue up.

It is not coincidence that the agenda item was one I brought forth. DeLong is contemptuous  of two of the three women on the Council and doesn't even try to hide it anymore. I responded that he could go to the council lounge (as he often does) if he didn't want to sit and listen to professionals who had taken time to provide important information for the City.

The presentation was excellent and helpful. Sadly, because of DeLong's rudeness, the presenters cut their talk short. How embarrassing for Long Beach.

Click here to read their presentation. The news is good.

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