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Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Seattle

Arrived in Seattle yesterday to a warm and sunny climate. They have been having unseasonably warm and dry weather. Promptly at 5pm the spell was broken and it rained or rather drizzled.

Took a tour of the city and hit all the usual spots. Today am off to see the "underground tour" and other items of interest...oh yes, and lunch at the top of the space needle.

Was sad to see that Boeing has an elaborate "Future of Aviation" exhibit which is quite a tourist attraction that includes interactive videos for kids and a flight simulator. They also provide a tour of the Boeing plant...why or why can't we do something similar in Long Beach?

That is my mantra as I tour Seattle's port that includes an art walk (just like San Diego), a children's musueum, a reused naval station for commercial (non-shipping), a science museum, a science fiction musuem, a downtown that is packed with people because there are so many shops and yes, a mall that has real stores that draw people.

Their headlines tell the same story as Long Beach -- they have a shortfall. Just south in Portland, Oregon city workers are having to take a 2 week furlough. And, their Development Services Department (Planning and Building to the rest of us) is laying off 90 people because afterall with the downturn in construction there is little need for staff to approve permits and plan checks.

I have to say I slept more than 10 hours last night. I was exhausted from the week, the trip and my walking. It is overcast this morning as I write. I am in touch with my family and my staff via Blackberry so I don't feel so far away.

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