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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recent Survey Shows Small Business Optimistic About Economy -- But Not Long Beach

The Walter Pyramid is a collegiate athletic fa...The Walter Pyramid is a collegiate athletic facility located at Long Beach State University in Long Beach, California. It officially opened on November 30, 1994, and cost approximately $22 million to construct. It rises 18 stories high and measures 345 feet along each side of the base. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)There's good news and some bad about small business in Long Beach.

The good news is that in a survey of small businesses conducted by CSULB College of Business Administration, local small businesses are optimistic about the economy. In fact, 51% surveyed indicated they thought the local economy would get better.

But when asked if they would "start a news business in Long Beach today" only 36% responded they would. 44% responded they would start new business somewhere else; 21% responded they would not open a new business at all.

When asked what can be done to help their businesses, 63% responded that the local economy needs to improve; 61% responded that local business taxes needed to be reduced; 55% responded that regulations and bureaucracy needed to be streamlined; 46% needed more access to credit; and 34% needed incentives to hire more people.

This is a good report because it gives the City of Long Beach more information on what can be done to grow business and jobs in Long Beach. Again, that's why I have and am again proposing business tax relief and will be moving forward to hold "A Day without a Regulation" town hall to hear what specific regulations need to be changed.

Below is the report from CSULB on this survey.


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