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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wall Street Journal Reads Councilwoman Schipske's Blog

Just received a news alert that the Wall Street Journal has included me in an article about the proposed increase in flood insurance which would impact Long Beach and is unnecessary.

Reporter Alan Zibel called me from Washington, DC after he read my blog on how I sent an alert to my constituents that this legislation was on the US Senate floor, encouraging residents to contact both US Senators from California to oppose this expansion.

Gerrie Schipske, a member of the Long Beach, Calif., city council who opposes that plan, sent an email to her constituents over the weekend aimed at rallying opposition. Ms. Schipske says the Long Beach and San Gabriel rivers, which flow through concrete channels in her city, stand little risk of flooding. If the Senate bill isn't changed, she said, "a great portion of the homeowners will have to pay this flood insurance.…It's an unnecessary burden."
 Glad we got their attention in Washington, D.C. The bill is still pending Senate action this week. Apparently an abortion related bill is getting in the way from the US Senate doing its real work.

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