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Friday, November 16, 2012

Long Beach New York Needs Our Help!!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Tiffany Andrews, 562 570-6932

Long Beach, New York Needs 
Your Help to Recover
Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske Calls Upon Residents to Lend a Hand or a Dollar or Two

Long Beach, CA; November 16, 2012 -- Next week is Thanksgiving and for the 37,000 residents of the city of Long Beach, New York  it will be grim day as all days have been since they were devastated during Hurricane Sandy says Gerrie Schipske, Councilwoman for the 5th Council District in Long Beach, California.

“I had my staff contact city management in Long Beach, New York to find out why we could do,” explains Schipske. “A spokesperson for the city told my staff  they are a small town (37,000 residents) and most homes have lost their first floor. They are gutting homes and leaving debris on the street. They need the assistance of volunteers and neighboring municipalities to deal with the clean up. They are unable to accept clothing and household item donations. They need financial assistance  -  they were in a declared fiscal crisis before the storm hit.”

Schipske reminds local residents that “we are so fortunate here in Long Beach, California. Take a moment to see the video (  on the damage to Long Beach, New York and send a financial donation at: or send to: City of Long Beach Relief,1 West Chester Street, Long Beach, NY11561.

“Let’s show them what Long Beach, California is all about!”

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