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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chickens, goats and bees in your backyard???

Chicken and egg
Chicken and egg (Photo credit: La.Catholique)
I know Easter is tomorrow. But is a proposal to allow chickens, goats and bees in backyards the most important thing our City Council can discuss?

The proposal is coming to City Council this month to allow 20 chickens, two goats and two bee hives in your backyard and the backyard of all of your neighbors.
(See Press Telegram article on the proposals:

Proponents want the current city zoning changed to allow these animals and insects throughout Long Beach. They would be allowed in a backyard if there is an appropriate set back from the adjacent house. What is not getting much discussion by proponents is that the chickens and goats would not be allowed to roam free in the backyard -- they would have to be caged and/or penned up.

I don't support the proposal for a number of reasons: this would change the character of many neighborhoods without the full consent of all residents; enforcement of the regulations would be cumbersome; and  the goats and chickens would attract coyote; concerned that the chickens can present a health problem regarding salmonella; there are people who are allergic to bee stings.

When it is placed on the council agenda, I will let you know.

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