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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lot of shaking on last Saturday

Long Beach earthquake, 1933
Long Beach earthquake, 1933 (Photo credit: California Watch)

It was the day before the 80th anniversary of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake but there was still a lot of shaking going on at the El Dorado Community Center. It was a packed house that attended the Get Ready Workshop hosted by my office.

Everyone saw these videos which should be passed along to everyone living in Southern California:

KCET anchor Val Zavala did a wonderful job as our "MC" as she moved the day along so that the crowd (more than 100) could listen to experts from USGS (earthquake specialists), FEMA, CAEMA, American Red Cross, CERT, Long Beach Fire Department and the EMS and Disaster Coordinator for our local hospitals.

Each attendee received a copy of the KCET program: Bracing for a Quake and numerous hand outs. The afternoon included a session with the American Red Cross discussing how to get your neighborhood ready.

Throughout the day, Southern California experienced over 33 quakes of different magnitudes.

I hope to continue this effort for the next year so that Long Beach can get prepared for the next big one that is coming. It is just a matter of time.

If you want to sign up for earthquake notifications from the USGS click here.
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