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Friday, July 5, 2013

City Council Directs Mayor to Issue Letter in Support of Fed Law To Clear Up Problems Between State and Fed Medical Marijuana Laws

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The City of Long Beach attempted to responsibly and reasonably regulate allowing medical marijuana in our boundaries but was ordered by the court to stop because one of the collectives sued the City on the theory that federal law pre-empted the City from regulating medical marijuana. Not sure why the collective did that because they got the answer that they didn't want -- yes, you are right federal law pre-empts state and local law and federal law says marijuana is illegal.

Most recently, federal law enforcement agents came to Long Beach and directed 28 of the collectives to stop operating because federal law considers marijuana to be an illegal drug.

Something needs to be done at the federal level to sort out the mess that has been created by the conflicts between state and federal law on this issue. Below is a memo the City Council directed the Mayor to send in support of federal legislation that would clear up the conflict.

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