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Monday, October 14, 2013

Why I pushed for help for Long Beach

The number one task of our Mayor and City Council should be finding ways to assist in the growth and development of business and jobs in our City.

That's why I am pleased to announce that the City Council unanimously adopted my proposal to direct the City Manager to contact Governor Brown to request that the Los Angeles Area Specialist from the State Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-BIZ) assist the City of Long Beach in attracting, expanding and retaining businesses and developing capabilities to become an Innovation Hub (IHUB).

Governor Brown has named three field specialists to the California Business Investment Services branch of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (

These specialists are charged with developing efforts to aid San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area and San Diego in attracting, expanding and retaining businesses. Go-Biz is the state office dedicated to serve as California's single point of contact for economic development and job creation efforts.

GO-Biz offers a range of services to business owners including: attraction, retention and expansion services, site selection, permit streamlining, clearing of regulatory hurdles, small business assistance, international trade development, assistance with state government, and much more.

GO-Biz also administers the state Innovation Hub (iHub) program which includes 12 iHubs stretching from Chico to San Diego. These regional innovation clusters bring together government, academia, and business to further enhance California's entrepreneurial ecosystem thru the promotion of innovation as a community building and job creation tool. In 2011, three of the 12 iHubs opened their first Innovation Incubators. Long Beach is not yet listed as one of the iHubs.

Long Beach continues to experience high unemployment and our job base needs to be expanded beyond its current major employers of government, education and healthcare.

Long Beach would greatly benefit from the Governor's assistance, particularly in directing the Specialist from Go Biz assigned to the Los Angeles area to assist the City in attracting, expanding and retaining businesses and in developing capabilities to join the list of iHubs.

I have attached a report on the latest economic incentives provided by the State of California for businesses. Feel free to download the report.

We need to continue this push to get City Hall to focus on encouraging and attracting businesses so that Long Beach can get back to work.

The City Council has approved several of my pro-business initiatives such as exploring creating a "Clean Tech Zone" to attract  new age manufacturing and "Prime Time for Business" which publicly acknowledges the contributions of our local small businesses. There is so much more we can do.

Let me know what you think.


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