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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catching Up

I has been a while since I blogged. That's because I have been down with bronchitis for more than 4 weeks. Yikes. It has taken its toll. Coughing and being tired have been my life. Most of the time I have had to sleep sitting up so I didn't break out in a vigorous cough. That being said...

I am back teaching at CSULB. I teach 3 sections in Health Care Administration -- Human Resources Management and Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration. I am preparing my students to either work in HR or to get the best job available because they know how to write a job description, job ad, resume, cover letter, interview questions. Right now I am having them practice their "elevator speech" so they can land a good paying job.

In the legal aspects class I am teaching among other laws, the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Care Act.  These two laws are the most significant changes in our health care system since Medicare. So these students will know the law which will give them an advantage in health care administration.

The reviewing box.

My partner, Flo Pickett, standing in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The press box on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Congressman Alan Lowenthal speaking at his Long Beach swearing in ceremony yesterday.

My council staff kept the office running while I was out ill and in Washington, DC for the inauguration. Despite being ill, it was awesome to see the inauguration and to be there that week. The preparations were amazing.

People were so friendly and positive during the inauguration. I can't begin to tell you how helpful the staff of the Metro were to everyone who asked a question, including me who put my ticket in the wrong slot and needed their help to retrieve it.

This past week my staff and worked on plans for a variety of efforts aimed to improve our infrastructure and support our libraries. I will be sending out details shortly. A big event is coming in March -- Ready Long Beach -- which is a full day workshop on how you can get prepared to survive a major earthquakes. Details coming soon.

Last night I attended the local swearing in of Congressman Alan Lowenthal. Alan's brief speech was very touching as he recounted how awesome it is to serve in the US Congress. He has taken over the congressional offices on Broadway that were occupied by former Congresswoman Laura Richardson. Some of the nicest offices I have ever seen!

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell speaking at the Independent Cities Association
Conference focusing upon public safety.
Today I am in Santa Barbara at the Independent Cities Conference which is focusing upon public safety. Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell is one of the speakers. My 4th District colleague, Patrick O'Donnell is here as well and we enjoyed lunch together.

Am still taking it slow until the cough stops completely. I can't tell you how many people I have run into who a) either have had the same cough for up to 6 weeks or b) has someone in their family who has this virus.

While I enjoyed being in Washington, DC, I am so glad to be home in Southern California.

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