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Friday, June 5, 2009

Smearing People and Retaliation

I am disgusted with the news media today for publishing an article about a Belmont Shore activist's DUI -- they put it on the front page less we miss how important it is to discredit this person.

Folks. We have major problems in this city including increased crime in Belmont Shore and continued complaints from residents about the drinking and rowdy crowds along Second Street. So why aren't these problems on the front page instead of attacking a resident who happens to come to city council and complains about these issues?

This isn't Chicago (or is it?) where revenge is taken out on those who disagree with the political house currently in office by smearing them. (Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, heh?)

The fact that the disclosure about the DUI (which is not relevant at all) came in the same week a resident of the westside contends he was removed from a citizen committee because he allegedly made a comment about the mayor and a certain developer is also disgusting. What next? Waking up to severed horse heads in our beds?

I am still waiting to be given a reason I was removed from the City Council Committee on Federal Legislation and replaced by my colleague from the 6th District.

Just curious. Afterall, I am the only council member to have worked in the US Congress and to have a graduate degree in Legislative Affairs and to have taught for several years at CSULB the topics of intergovernmental relations and political science. I guess experience and expertise doesn't really matter.

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