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Saturday, June 6, 2009

DeMille Middle School and Hawaiian Gardens --what they have in common

What do DeMille Middle School and Hawaiian Gardens have in common?

Answer: government entities going forward without consulting the neighbors.

So the LBUSD is planning on demolishing DeMille Middle School to build a new vocational high school in the neighborhood off Los Coyotes and Studebaker even though the residents clearly do not want the increased traffic and noise. A traffic analysis has not been presented to show how these problems are being mitigated. I am holding a community meeting next week at DeMille and have invited Superintendent Steinhauser to send someone to answer questions. His response: no one is available. Okay. So you want to change a neighborhood and you don't have time to talk with the neighbors. Then I will bring the neighbors to a Board of Education meeting this summer.

Now on to Hawaiian Gardens. Seems as if our friends to the north want to reconfigure a street adjacent to El Dorado Park Estates so they can connect it with Pioneer Blvd. That seems fair. However, to do it they want to remove a fence and a mature tree on the Long Beach side and install a 4-way stop inside Long Beach so that people don't crash into the cars now coming on 226th to connect at Pioneer Blvd. Again. Things they should have talked with their neighbors about. So again. I am having a community meeting this week at Newcomb Academy to discuss this issue.

Come to one or both meetings and voice your concerns.

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