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Monday, August 17, 2009

Listen to TESLA President Tell About The Poor Treatment He and His Company Have Received

I invite readers to log onto the following link and to listen to a taped interview Bill Pearl did with TESLA Motors President after the Mayor and City management denied my reports that their treatment of this possible source of over 1,000 jobs has been less than stellar.

After my blog last week and the news article in local press, a memo was hurriedly released at City Hall allegedly showing all the wonderful things the city had done to try to recruit companies to Long Beach. The trouble is the memo trashes TESLA (which the President of the company found insulting and inaccurate)and basically provides nothing to refute the claim of TESLA that they are and have been treated "like second class citizens." The ONLY letter the city sent to TESLA was telling them about a potential E-Vehicle Mall. No thank you for being interested in bringing jobs; no follow-up confirming the so-called high level meetings; no detailed explanation (as had been sent to other companies) about tax credits and other opportunities for their business if they re-located to Long Beach.

I didn't start a "spat" as the local press termed it. Nor was I "grandstanding". I was simply following up with the fact that the Mayor and City Manager handed out a budget document and showed it on the screen for viewers that stated TESLA Motors was a potential source of revenue for the FY 2010 budget.

I met with the City Manager immediately after and asked what had been done to get them there and was told staff had decided a movie studio would be better and they had told Boeing that fact. I called the TESLA President because I am concerned that should the movie studio not happen, we could have an electric vehicle manufacturer/assembler -- and I didn't want us losing both.

Sadly, what I found out and what you can hear for yourself in the taped interview with Elon Musk, President of TESLA Motors, is that he is still waiting to hear that someone besides me wants his company in Long Beach.

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