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Friday, August 28, 2009

Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

When I won the Democratic nomination for Congress in 2000, I met a lot of interesting and wonderful people.

Among them was Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife Victoria.

I was invited to a small gathering at his Washington, DC home for those supported by the Human Rights Campaign. As my partner, Flo and I walked around the home, we saw the usual display of family photos seen in any home -- except these family photos were of the Kennedy family!

The Senator asked us several times if there was anything he could get us, as he padded around in black tennis shoes that were worn on the sides. This giant bear of a man, this political giant took time to make certain people were comfortable in his home. I was touched, especially when he motioned Flo and me to sit on the couch with him.

Before we left his home, he asked me if his son, Congresswoman Patrick Kennedy was treating me "okay." Patrick was then the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and decided which candidates received money and support. I'd like to think it was no coincidence that Patrick later came out to the District to campaign for me.

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