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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interesting Information

Long Beach Airport

A recent US Department of Transportation survey determined that Long Beach Airport has the lowest fares of the top 100 airports in the nation. That's beause we charge air carriers the lowest fees to operate.

Rubber Duck Tours and Americans with Disabilities

In response to my request, the new Rubber Duck tour operations are assisting disabled customers to board the vessel for tours with an attendant who can help load a wheelchair. If that is not feasible, they can be picked up from land to the water dock in Shoreline Village which will eliminate the stair climb and allow staff to lower the individual into the vesse. In such cases, the tour route will be reversed and require the customer to provide 24-hour advanced notice.

City Requirements for Notices of Public Hearings to Change Effective August 13

Beginning August 13, new requirements for noticing of public hearings will take effect in the City of Long Beach. This will result in increasing community awareness about public hearings and an in effort to increase public engagement and participation. Changes taking effect include:

  • The required noticing radius has been expanded to 750 feet around the subject site; for City or institutional project to 1,000 feet.
  • In addition to property owners, all occupants (both residential and non-residential) must also be given notice.
  • Site must now be posted with a 30" x 40" notice poster.

Save Station 18

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