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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Liberty Station -- San Diego does it right!

The California Medical Board is meeting here in San Diego. (Next year the Board which regulates physicians will meet in Long Beach for the first time!!)

The meeting is at Liberty Station -- San Diego's newest destination featuring a mix of arts and culture, sports, education, retail, restaurants, business and residential. It is referred to as a "Urban Village."

The hotel is located along the water front in the heart of Liberty Station. The village was created from the re-development of the historic Naval Training Center. It provides a gathering place for families, artisans, businesses and community cultural groups. The park features 2 balls fields, two large picnic area, a sports plaza, 4 half court basketball courts, a historical area at Preble field, a natural habitat zone, a multipurpose field, a nine acre esplanade for bicycling and walking and 3 restroom facilities. All brand new!

Visitors can enjoy the USS Recruit which is a full size ship built directly into the ground. It was built in 1949 specifically to train navy recruits with live simulation. There is a 9 hole golf course. The 125 acre waterfront provides water sports and biking paths. (LB Naval Stations de ja vu???)

It is quite impressive.

Save Station 18

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