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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh to be a developer in Long Beach.

Last night's council discussion on why the city had to give a piece of land on Terminal Island for $400,000 less than the city appraisal and on top of it to credit any improvements against the rent so that the lessee will not pay rent for 8-10 years is exactly why taxpayers are fed up.

On one hand the council raises fees for its services -- including charging residents $1200 for a traffic study to document that the traffic the city brought to their neighborhood because of sports teams in the parks is causing a parking problem -- and then says because the city is cash strapped can't possibly waive them. But when it comes to developers. Lordy, lordy does it ever bend over backwards to waive, reduce and say goodbye to revenue when it comes to developers.

"We couldn't possibly clean up the mess on the property so we'll let the lessee do it and that's why we won't charge rent." Hello. We are a city, a governmental agency giving away assets.

What was amazing to listen to and watch was the councilmember of the 3rd district rally to support the councilwoman of the 7th district on this deal. That is what I call effective lobbying.

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