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Friday, February 12, 2010

State of the 5th -- 2010

I presented my 4th annual State of the 5th to a full house at the LB Water Treatment Plant on Spring and Redondo which is posted for your reading to the right of the blog.

Folks got a chance to meet and to hear our new Police Chief Jim McDonnell. The City Manager, Pat West and Eastside Commander Cynthia Renaud also spoke.

Crime is down and low in the 5th. Code Enforcement is up and active as more and more constituents call to have problems taken care of in their neighborhoods.

Fire Services continue to be mostly for medical transport and rescue.

Bach and El Dorado continue to be the most used branches in our library system.

Streets, sidewalks and trees can't be fixed fast enough but we are making good progress in consolidating the areas and getting more done with the monies we have. This year the 5th will received over $600,000 (instead of the usual $300,000) for sidewalk repairs.

I talked about how the biggest challenge to the City is pension reform and creating non-governmental, diverse jobs if we are to get our tax base healthy again.

We had a brief update on our improvements to the Airport and what is going on over on the Douglas Park project.

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