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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Controlling Marijuana Collectives is Like Limiting Airplanes Over a Neighborhood

Despite the protestations from a colleague, three councilmembers, including me, are not trying to change the ordinance governing marijuana collectives in Long Beach at "midnight." Actually we dealt with the issue around 9 pm...but I digress.

Our City Attorney was consulted before this item was placed on the agenda. None of the "potential" marijuana outlets have been licensed or given permits by the City. The City Council has every right (and obligation) to make a bad law better BEFORE we allow any operation of these outlets. There has been no promise of the City that anyone will be allowed to operate until that permit is granted.

Simply put, Long Beach does not need to allow these collectives anywhere let alone across from parks, day care centers, libraries and other places young children congregate. Something I have tried to prevent from the beginning. Now two other council persons agree.

We also don't need to allow marijuana grown in retail centers. 

The voters of California overwhelmingly rejected legalizing marijuana just last week. The City Council has the obligation to protect its neighborhoods and that is what some of us are trying to do.

It's very similar to when residents rose up and protested the noise from airplanes flying over their neighborhoods. Some argued -- not fair to limit flights. It is bad for business and besides people want the convenience of flying out of a local airport. It isn't the City Council's business to limit how many planes can fly out of Long Beach. The other side countered: We must protect our neighborhoods and the quality of life. We need to HUSH these flights. Let the airlines go elsewhere -- but not over our houses.

Restricting or prohibiting where and how many marijuana collectives can be in Long Beach is just like limiting the number of airplanes. Both actions protect our neighborhoods.

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