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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Notices Regarding Curb Number Painting Are Not Official

I came home the other day to see a yellow notice taped to my front doorknob. The notice was also visible up and down Studebaker. These are same notices I have seen in other parts of the 5th Council District as I walk the district.

Please note that these are NOT official notices from the City of Long Beach. They are being posted on resident's houses by a company that is illegally painting curb numbers on streets. City Code requires companies or non profit organizations wanting to do curb numbers to obtain permits from the Police Department -- so that the City can verify these are legitimate companies.

The California Vehicle Code specifies the size of the curb numbers and the background paint that can be used. Residents are not supposed to have anything painted on their curbs but house numbers -- no flags, surfing scenes or sunsets -- because fire and police need to be able to read the numbers so they can respond to the correct address. Some of these fly by night operations paint the wrong numbers on the curbs.

If you receive a notice like the one posted or are pressured by someone to paint curb numbers on your curb, call the police.

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