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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working with Traffic Engineering and Police on 7th Street Closure

I met with the city Traffic Engineer and a representative from OCTA yesterday to discuss what I observed as impact of the closure of the 7th Street bridge by OCTA. The signage is confusing both on the freeway and on our city streets. This will be corrected.

Additionally, we need police in the morning and the evening to help guide drivers until they become accustomed to the closures.

I also requested a no u-turn sign at Willow and Palo Verde to discourage drivers unfamiliar with the area to turn around after they get off the 405.

Several problems occurred yesterday -- CSULB came back to school and there was a police action at Bellflower and 7th -- greatly causing congestion. Additionally, some drivers apparently thought that the 604 north bound was also closed and it was not.

This closure will take some time for adjustment. I want to assure readers that the City traffic department, the LBPD and OCTA are working together to make this situation as painless as possible.

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