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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not controversial enough -- but I won my bet!

I bet my staff that the Press Telegram wouldn't cover the fact that Councilman Robert Garcia and I walked together in the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday.

I had a hunch that they would rather print a story that portrays Garcia and me in some type of "fight" about what to name an area at 3rd and the Promenade. They did just that last week and then KCAL picked it up incorrectly that I voted against referring the issue to committee, when in fact I wasn't even there. But it made good tabloid news.

So Councilman Garcia and I were both concerned about the inaccuracies and decided to walk together behind a banner with both of our names. Not only did the Press Telegram not even mention that we walked together to show unity, but I am the only member of the City Council who was in the parade that didn't appear in their photo gallery.

Gosh, fellas, your bias is really showing. If I didn't have this blog, the people couldn't get the facts. Now I have to collect my bet.

PS. Justin Rudd sent me a photo so I know I was there. (Time to get the grey dyed...)

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