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Friday, July 22, 2011

California Redistricting Commission Cuts Long Beach Up

Click onto the link and type your address to see where the California Citizens Redistricting Commission has placed you in the newly drawn state assembly and senate and US Congressional districts.

The Commission -- because it never heard officially from the City of Long Beach -- has cut up the city several times. The most egregious cut are the state senate districts -- one of which starts five houses from me on Spring and then goes all the way over to Santa Ana.

The congressional district puts north Long Beach with Compton and then puts the rest of Long Beach with Westminster, Garden Grove, Cypress, Los Alamitos -- central and west Orange County.

Don't think many other cities in LA County are being cut up and placed with another county.

The commission is still accepting emails or phone calls about their decisions. Suggest if you are interested, check out the maps and then contact the commission. Time is running out. The decisions are about to be made final.
Click here to email.

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