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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plastic Ban Agenda Item Pulled from Council Tonight -- Thwarting Efforts to Repeal

Did you blink? Then you might have missed it. Late last week an item was placed on the Council agenda because I disclosed that the plastic bag ban impacts larger stores which use larger bags such as Target, Kmart, Walmart -- even though council was told by the author of the bill that it didn't.

Tonight, without any explanation or apology, the item was removed from the agenda -- could it be that it was done because I announced I would make a motion to repeal the ban and the ten cent fee on paperbags?

Trying to get to the bottom of this switch. It was unfortunate that residents came to council and were told at the last minute the issue would not be discussed.

I have never received so much email on a topic as I have on the plastic bag ban and the ten cent fee. I have never received so much angry email -- residents are mad that this was passed.

We haven't heard the last word on this issue.

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