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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Current City Council Supports 1976 Boundaries -- Which Means Port Goes Back to First District

Several of my colleagues heaped praise on me the other night for distributing a copy of the 1976 council boundaries. Obviously, they liked the map because it showed the 7th District once had Bixby Road - which they used to support the taking of the same area grabbed the other night on a 7-2 vote.

So glad they appreciate history. I distributed the map to show that at one time, districts were very compact and not gerrymandered like most are now.

And now that I know how much they liked the "old boundaries" I am going to propose that we go back again to that map and move the Port of Long Beach back into the First Council district where it belongs. Fair? I think so. And I am sure they will heap more praise for bringing that to their attention as well.

See the 1976 map:

1976 Redistricting

Compare with current boundaries:

Current City Boundaries

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