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Friday, August 12, 2011

Council Approves Schipske Request for Analysis of How to Change Business License Fees to Create Jobs in Long Beach

I want to thank my council colleagues for supporting my proposal to request the City Manager and Financial Management to assess how the city can provide incentives with our business license fee and taxes that will encourage business to locate here and to keep those businesses that are It will also be sent to the Council Committee on Economic Development.

It is not rocket science. Long Beach has the highest rate of unemployment in the area. Small businesses grow the most jobs in an economy. Long Beach has the highest rate for a businesses licenses -- particularly home business licenses. (City of LA has waived licenses for 3 years and only charges a business license if business makes more than $25,000.)

Long Beach needs to put in place several incentives that will grow jobs in our city. It can't start too soon.

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