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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2nd and PCH Plan -- Some Are Complaining of Bait and Switch

There is a meeting of the Planning Commission this Wednesday to review the City staff recommendation about the proposed project at 2nd and PCH -- you know, the one that promises to obliterate the blight at the southeast entrance to the City.

Before I go further, you have to ask yourself...self, why has the city not done code enforcement over there to make the owner clean up the property and stop using it as a parking lot for buses, limos and double deckers? Or has that been the plan all along...make it look so bad that the city would say yes to the first plan to come along to change it...

Anyway, I attended a town hall this evening sponsored by the Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust and listened to a full house ask numerous questions of the guest speaker. Among the many concerns expressed about the project and the city staff recommendation is the fact that city staff has now recommended amendment to SEADIP Local Coastal Plan that will not only allow changes in development restrictions for 2nd and PCH but be used as the template for additional development in SEADIP. Whoah....wait a minute buddy. We have gone from a specific project to an entire development area?

Little problem folks that may land the City back in court like we were taken on the ill planned Home Depot project adjacent to the wetlands...the EIR only addresses the impact of the specific project not changes to an entire zoning area.

The rules are clear and have been since the residents of the area and developers came together in the 1970s and established SEADIP – not high rises (buildings above 35 feet) and traffic and other impacts have to be mitigated. The proposed project breaks all the rules – so that is why some want to change the rules.

I am linking in this article Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust documents; articles on SEADIP; and the topic of the hour – the City staff report.

Traffic Impact

Alternates for site

SEADIP and Traffic

Seadip complaints

Seadip -- Dilemma for the City

Press Telegram editorial praising SEADIP

Stay tuned. It is far from over.

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