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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patrick O'Donnell Takes Credit for Potential Dog Park -- Despite He Had Nothing to Do With It

This is so sad. As I blogged yesterday, I have been working for many months on finding a location for an eastside dog park...and I did -- after working  with the volunteers trying to get a dog park and city park staff I finally convinced city staff they could spare some of their maintenance area near the Animal Care Services for a dog park.

I then asked the head of the Friends of El Dorado Dog Park to go and look at the area and to talk with Madeline Bernstein of the ASPCA and talk with her about a potential park adjacent that could also be used as a training site. The meeting took place and it was positive and I convinced City staff that would be the best spot. They agreed.

So today I read in local media outlets that Councilman Patrick O'Donnell  is announcing the dog park at that spot and is holding a rally to support it.

My staff and city staff reached out to Councilmember O'Donnell and suggested we join forces on this project but the overtures were rebuffed.

 Sad. Because we often talk of Long Beach being "one city" and that it doesn't matter what district a park is located. I guess that comment was meant for only certain councilmembers.

Anyway, let's move forward and get this dog park opened!

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