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Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I Have Worked on this Month...

 I want to call your attention to several important items I have worked on:

  1. Long Beach Joins Specific Needs Disaster Voluntary Registry

    The purpose of this registry is to facilitate the planning and implementation of disaster response by first-responder agencies to Specific Needs persons living in the County of Los Angeles. The registry is a project of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management in cooperation with other cities and agencies in the Los Angeles County disaster response operational area.

    If you (or the person you are registering) live in Los Angeles County and have any of the following conditions which might impede with your abilities to evacuate a building, travel to or stay safely in an emergency evacuation center, or to securely shelter in place without assistance, then you may want to consider enrolling in the Registry.

    Should a disaster strike in your area, this registry will be used to enhance the efficiency of those agencies called upon to respond. Enrollees are not prioritized for first consideration or evacuation. However the responding agencies will use this information to maximize their capacity to serve those with specific needs, both in the planning and preparation process, as well as in their actual post-disaster response.

    open explanation
    Physical disabilities
    open explanation
    Cardiac and/or respiratory circumstances
    open explanation
    Developmental disabilities
    open explanation
    Emotional or psychiatric disabilities
    open explanation
    Deafness or hearing loss
    open explanation
    Blindness or severe vision loss
    open explanation
    Speech impairments
    open explanation
    Short-term disabilities
    open explanation
    Reliance on technologies that use electricity
    open explanation
    Using medications
    open explanation
    Participation in a home delivery program
    open explanation
    Need specialized paratransit vehicles
    open explanation
    Experience seizures
    open explanation
    Immune system deficiencies
    open explanation
    Communicable diseases
    open explanation
    Severe chemical or other allergies
    Enrollment in the Specific Needs Registry is completely voluntary. Please read and understand the following paragraphs before enrolling. If you choose to enroll, please fill out the forms as completely and accurately as possible. Please remember to keep your registry profile updated, especially if your circumstances change. The information you provide could help to save your life.

    Click here and find out more about the SNAP registry.

2. Public Meeting on Potential Closure of Redondo Avenue Post Office. 
Although I was unable to attend, I did send staff to represent me and to clearly state my opposition to losing this postal site and the 600+ jobs that go with it.
Click here to find out more about the closure.

3. Update on Construction of New High School at DeMille Site.

I have requested periodic updates on the construction being done at the site of DeMille. The new facility will be a state of the art high school named after African American leader Ernest McBride. Click here to read update.

4. Vin Fiz Replica in Place at LB Arena -- Less than 900 feet from Where Cal Rodgers Landed in 1911.

The ceremony was wonderful and we even had a long lost relative of Cal Rodgers come all the way to see the replica that was being place in the lobby of the LB Arena...just less than 900 feet from where he landed on December 10, 1911, completing the first flight across America. If you get a chance, stop by the Arena lobby and see a piece of Long Beach and aviation history. Click here to read more about the event in the City Manager's newsletter.

5. Annual Report of the California Medical Board on which I serve.

This Board licenses and disciplines all physicians in California. I have been proudly serving as the only Registered Nurse (and Attorney) on this or any other Medical Board in the US for over 4 years. Click here to read our report.

 I do lots of work on behalf of the 5th Council District. Thought it important to share some of what has taken place this month.

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