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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

State of the 5th Brings Citizen Suggestions

A filled community center tonight as residents came to listen to a recap of what happened in 2011 in the 5th Council District and in the remainder of the City.

My thanks to City Manager Pat West who provided a good overview of the City's top accomplishments for 2011.

I provided an extensive listing of what I accomplished last year and what is planned for the next.

Following the reviews, I asked residents to take some time to talk with each other and then to report out what they would like to see the City Council deal with. Most of those in attendance stayed through this part of the evening and had some very interesting suggestions:
  • No electronic billboards in the city
  • Ban Rvs and unattached trailers throughout the city
  • Add more Park Rangers
  • Develop corporate sponsorships to raise money for city projects
  • Bring gambling to the city
  • Automate the city's timekeeping system
  • Fund a Police Academy
We are compiling their responses and I will post them later this week.

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